Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty

Finding Beauty in Mystery, Reclaiming Truth from the Myth of Certainty

An Honest And Heartfelt Look At The Boundaries Of Life

  • FIRST PLACE EVVY Awards – Inspirational Category
  • FIRST PLACE Great Southwest Book Festival – Spiritual Category
  • SECOND PLACE EVVY Awards – Non-fiction Category
  • THIRD PLACE EVVY Awards – Inspirational Category
  • HONORABLE MENTION LA Book Festival – Spiritual Category

An inspirational story of the days Neil Hanson spent at the side of his father as his father passed away. Filled with beautiful introspections into the nature of family and relationships, Hanson pulls no punches when questioning the struggles of difficult life and death decisions.

Most of us will face difficult and wrenching decisions at some point: When does life begin and end? What are the complexions of distinction between bare and primitive “life” on the one hand, and “human-ness” on the other hand? Where and when and how do we “play God” with our life support decisions? How do we face these questions, and work our way to effective answers?

Woven through the story are descriptions of magical and mystical encounters that inform and guide the life of the narrator, helping to open honest questions about how religion aids and obstructs the journey through faith that most of us explore.

“as the pages starting turning I found myself being swept away by the story. The journey taken pulls at me on a very personal level, as my son had three heart surgeries by time he was 3 years old, as it will for anybody with this sort of story. If you want to hear an inspirational tale you must pick this one up.”

“…a serious consideration of mysticism in modern religion or more correctly the modern world…Hanson beautifully relates the privilege of being able to witness the last breath of a loved one.”

“Each moment in the book is so tangible and real.”

“This is certainly a book that will help start conversations with your family. And hopefully bring some answers at to what is believed and desired.”

“This book is about a spiritual journey but has nothing to do with organized religion. The author deals with questions about life, death and the after-life. I found that I could deeply relate to the thoughts and feelings that Mr. Hanson expresses in this book… He opened his heart and expressed things that most people could never put into words.”

“Mr. Hanson writes a lyrically haunting book on finding peace amidst end-of-life matters through spiritual surrender… Contemplative, poetic, heartrending, unforgettable.”

“Passionate, eloquent, inspirational and devotional, Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty is a wonderful companion novel for anyone on a spiritual quest or needing guidance.”